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Gislaveds Gymnasium is the place for students who are curious about life, who want to learn more and grow as individuals

We are located at the heart of one of Sweden's foremost growth regions, and the entrepreneurial spirit of our region is also a part of us – with unique courses of study, openness to new methods and established exchanges with schools abroad.

Wide range for all ages

Young students have plenty to choose from, we offer everything from a theoretical basis for university studies, to practical vocational training.

We also have plenty to offer our adult students – Swedish lessons for newcomers to the country, and equivalency courses for both compulsory and upper-secondary schooling. On the post-upper secondary level, we have Qualified Vocational Education and Higher Education, as well as KunskapInvest, which tailors training courses for companies.

We're unique in certain areas

Our region's entrepreneurial spirit is visible in many ways and the cooperation between our school and the local business sector is excellent.

Gislaveds Gymnasium was one of the first to initiate exchanges with foreign schools. If you want to visit another European country, you'll have plenty of opportunities for that. In fact, you can even do your work place training abroad.

Our municipality is famous in musical circles, and we have trained many gifted musicians – an added incentive for the students in our Arts Programme.

A stimulating working environment for everyone

A pleasant environment with modern equipment always makes learning easier. So our students have a lot to be thankful for – our municipality's good financial situation has given us high-quality computers throughout the school, and advanced technical equipment in the vocational programmes.

Most instruction is carried out at Gärdesskolan in Gislaved, with bright, attractive facilities, an integrated school and municipality library, and a fantastic sports facility with a sports hall, ice rink and swim hall.

Involvement and security create a pleasant learning environment

We think it's a necessity for students and staff to have a say in their classes, and annual evaluations show that both groups are very pleased with Gislaveds Gymnasium. The student council as well as the staff has several avenues of influence on schoolwork. Our personnel at the reception and the popular Café Oasen at Gärdesskolan also contribute to a pleasant environment.

Security is an important point for us. We have a major advantage in that many adults are at the school. Since adult students share the facilities with young people, the staff take their breaks in the café and the hall monitors move in the same circles as the students, there are always adults around to see, hear and intervene if necessary. This gives us a peaceful environment, where problems like graffiti and vandalism are practically nonexistent.

We also provide a more social form of security by offering a large percentage of accredited teachers and an extensive student-care team consisting of nurses, school welfare officers and psychologists, special education teachers and study and careers advisors.

Our Open Study Centre provide excellent support for students with particular difficulties and students who want to improve in certain subjects.

The first step towards your dream job

You learn new every day, they say. We'd even go so far as to say that learning is living. The aim of our broad range of courses is to help as many people as possible – young adults and older, to discover the joy and the world of opportunities that burgeoning knowledge brings.

We offer courses on several levels in many different areas of interest. If you're not sure which focus suits you best, our study and careers advisors can help. Once you choose to start studying with us, we'll do everything we can to help you succeed.

And finally: through good contacts with the municipality and the local business sector, we can always arrange good work place training and mentor companies for students in both the university-preparatory and vocational programmes.

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