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Our school has about 1100 young adult students, 600 adult students and 200 employees.

Teaching is divided into four sectors, each headed by a principal. We believe that this will boost collaboration between the programmes and between teachers in the core and programme specific subjects. We also believe this allows better decision-making about activities to the benefit of both students and staff.

Our educations fields and programmes

Financial sector

  • Business and Administration
  • Business Management and Economics
  • Hotel and Tourism
  • Restaurant Management and Food
  • Social Science

Natural science, Arts and Care sector

  • Arts
  • Health and Social Care
  • Child and Recreation
  • Natural Science

Technical sector

  • Building and Construction
  • Electricity and Energy
  • HVAC and Property Management
  • Technology

Introduction Programmes

Adult education sector

  • Swedish language teaching for immigrants
  • Basic adult education and upper secondary schooling
  • Qualified vocational education
  • Tailored training courses for companies
  • Higher education
  • Adult education for the mentally handicapped
  • Different labour market measures

Post- och leveransadress Gislegatan 1, 332 33 Gislaved
Besöksadress Gislegatan 5, 332 33 Gislaved
Tel 0371-819 00  |  Fax 0371-807 32  |  E-post gislaveds.gymnasium@edu.gislaved.se


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